EleVee is a premium apartment with a unique blend of urban living, healthy lifestyle and the beauty of nature. It is designed to bring a truly balanced life; allows us to feel the heartbeat of nature and at the same time offers transcendent convenience in our dynamic lives.

Strategic Location

1 minute to IKEA
1 minute to IKEA
1 minute to Mall @ Alam Sutera
2 minutes to Living World Mall
1 minute to Binus Alam Sutera Campus
25 minutes to Soekarno-Hatta International Airpot

World-Class Facilities

EleVee provides the spaces for quiet retreat and modern living lifestyle support to encourage you to live a balanced life and combat the stresses and strains of bustling city life. At EleVee, you can wake up to lush greenery outside your window, breathe the fresh air produced by thousands of trees in the forest park around you, and enjoy complete facilities in the luxury of your own home.  EleVee encourages you to have some fun and do your hobbies at these facilities as well as building communities related to your interests.

You can even bring more happiness to your home by taking care of some furry little friends since EleVee is the first pet friendly apartment with extensive pet garden in Indonesia. We put some extraordinary facilities at the refuge floor to take living well to a new level. The refuge floor overlooks the city skyline, providing the perfect setting for entertaining friends or simply enjoying the breeze.

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